Upstanding work during a long term period significantly helped to gain the trust of our customers. We believe this attitude guarantees to satisfy our clients into the future, as well.


AR CARS s.r.o was founded in 2004 by Mgr. Zdeněk Hradecký – a big fan of sports and luxury cars.

His goal was clear – to offer sports and luxury high quality cars, not only brand new, but the verified ones, as well. Mr. Hradecký has also wanted to provide a wide range of car companies so that customers have more possibilities to choose. This conception demands people with an extremely high level of knowledge and experience. Thanks to the thoughtful choice of team it is guaranteed that this idea is going to be fulfilled. To offer comprehensive service, Hradecký has also set up top quality service premises and our team counts 25 specialists nowadays.                                                                                                                       


The team of dealers is ready to give an advisory opinion about choice of new or verified vehicles, respectively their equipment. Their interest and enthusiasm is obvious anytime they talk about the high quality cars. This attitude helps build a net of satisfied customers whose number has still been increasing. Recently we have been successfully selling cars in countries usually known as massive exporters. This is a great feedback of our perfect work and price setting.

Individual requests

If your desires can’t be satisfied by car companies, you can ask our individualization and tuning specialist who will prepare the exterior, engine, chassis and interior to suit your individual taste. He can also give you some advice on renovation of your more or less faded car so that you can still enjoy it.


In case of following service and regular maintenance we provide top-trained team certified for Volkswagen and Audi brands and specialists on Porsche, Bentley, Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes a Koenigseggs.