Vertu mobile phones

Vertu is a pioneer and a leading producer of handmade mobile phones for luxury market. Vertu handsets are completed in one workshop in England and they are unique result of the top craftsmen’s master skills. Perfectly processed materials like titanium, sapphire glass, polished ceramic or genuine leather reflect the simplicity of form and functionality with many operative components and exclusive Vertu Concierge service. All you need to do is just to press a button.

Over ten years ago, Vertu gathered together fifty of the finest minds from the automotive, aerospace and jewellery industries under the leadership of the top designer Frank Nuovo. After four years since the start their diligent work, design conception and material research were rewarded when the first model Signature M was presented with 74 patents.

Vertu Constellation

Vertu introduces a Vertu Constellation model – a new definition of first class, for people who are still in motion and prefer stylish travelling. It is the first model where Hi-tech ceramic keypad is presented. Vertu Constellation series offers both stainless steel combination, and luxury 18 carat gold models.

Vertu Ascent Ti

The typical feature of this handset is a precise construction, focused on strength and balance with a touch of masculinity. The inspiration by highly efficient sports cars is obvious in basic design ideas and material. Combination of titanium, sapphire glass and hand quilted leather will definitely fit in your palm.

Vertu Signature

This line refers to the people who always demand the best – it means the most sophisticated handset the world has ever seen. It is the top of the first decade when Vertu has become acknowledged and preferred brand. In short there is not such a phone in the world. The line consists of four versions- cold elegant stainless steel, gold and white gold variations and luxury platinum version.

Constellation Quest

This line, mainly focused on various businessmen or managers, has a QWERTY keypad, made of matt or polished black stainless steel, 18 carat gold, leather or sapphire glass.

From technological point of view these handsets have Carl-Zeiss camera, Wi-Fi or Vertu Remote Assist service (24/7 technical support), Vertu City Brief (provides info about various cities all around the world) or synchronization with account.